Guide Content Marketing

I don’t know how long you’ve been involved in affiliate marketing, but for me it’s over ten years now. It may sound a little off the wall, but when it comes to affiliate marketing there’s one major thing that I’m thankful for. That thing is the versatility of the English language. It’s so easy to write it in so many different ways that when it comes to rewriting content, it can be a breeze.

However, I don’t often rewrite my content – I use PLR content from a membership site and that means that I rarely write at all. But if I do need to make any changes, then they are easy as my content has already been laid out for me.

As a successful affiliate marketer, you would expect me to be nailed down on the keyboard writing dozens of articles all day. But since I came across PLR I have not had to do much at all.

If you have not already used PLR content, then it’s high time you took a good look at it. It provides an easy way to build your online business. It can be used to help with search engine results for your website, or it can bring back traffic if it’s used in databases.

When it comes to getting PLR content, you can either buy it from individuals or you can join a PLR membership site who will arrange everything for you. Each mo you’ll gain access to brand new material for your specified niche. Just a quick piece of advice on this, be picky about who you buy from. It’s very important to build your reputation when you are selling online. If you use badly written material you will not be building any trust with likely buyers.

PLR content is usually sold in small batches. This means that only a certain number of people already have access to this content. If you need to make it completely unique, then you can add conclusions or extra notes to it. You can even just change the keywords throughout so that you have a piece of content that has been set up to target a specific market.

Some people use the content as a guide and rewrite everything. They will then be left with material that is unique and will not clash with the content of any other sites on the web.

Something that I’ve learnt about how to manage my purchased PLR content is to put it into folders. I will add notes to a spreadsheet that I refer to as my master list. I’ll add the article title, the approximate number of words and also who sold it to me. Then I’ll judge how well it’s written so that I am clear on whether I will need to rewrite it or use it just as it is.

This helps me to keep my projects in order, and it also gives me a good idea of what I’ll need to do to use it. Sometimes I will just go through it and change the keywords.

PLR content has made my affiliate marketing so much easier and less stress. It means that I can focus on growth and making sales as opposed to spending hours writing content. Give it a try and let me know what you think of it.