Content Marketing Examples

Using a combination of web content writing and article marketing, you can make a success of your online business. It is important to attract visitors, but not just any visitors that will stay for half a minute and then leave. You must be able to persuade those that need your product to visit your site, and then to give give it a try. People will try anything if they think it will help them, but there are ways to offer that solution to their problems. Good web content writing can make that offer in a compelling fashion that is difficult for them to refuse.

You Have a Website: What Next?

You have a website. You want to sell something, offer info or provide a service. What next? You must first create a few authoritative web pages. You must use these pages to provide visitors with a solution to their problem or advice on where to find a solution: perhaps a full description of your product or service and how that meets their needs. It is critical that you’re able to demonstrate to website visitors that you know more about your niche than they do, and that you can help solve their problems. Why should they continue to read your web content if you can’t do that: that is one of the major benefits of good web content writing and also of article marketing – your ability to persuade your visitors that you know your stuff!?

You must also show that you’re reasonably literate in their language. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what your education is: people like to be on a website that is not only in their language, but that also shows that you’re fluent in their language. So do not make terrible errors in grammar or in word usage or they will immediately leave.

Benefits of Good Web Content Writing

Several of us spend lots of money on programs and systems to help them make money, yet neglect the one thing needed to retain interest in their websites. When you look at many websites, they are almost unreadable, and those operating them wonder why they are not successful! Its as if you opened store in a shopping mall, hired staff ignorant in what you’re selling and advertised it in infant school language.

The entities making the sales on your sites are the words you write. It is important that your web content writing persuades readers that you’ve the knowledge and ability to give them what they need – an answer to their problem or question, whether it costs them money or is free. Not through the hard sell of a sales page, but by gentle persuasion: showing them that you know the subject, understand their problem and can help.

Prove that you’re an authority on this subject and your products or services are awesome for their needs. When people purchase products they usually do so from businesses they can trust – and those they believe know what they are talking about.

Properly written web content writing can achieve that – but not only that! Professional writing can act as search engine magnets. Google publishes well written content higher than poorly written content: that is why Google introduced its LSI algorithm and the the Penguin update! Gone are the days when badly written, repetitive content gets a high ranking position.

Article Marketing and Content Writing

Article marketing is the skill of making best use of written articles on your niche to show others you’re an expert in your niche, and also to advertise your web pages on Google and other search engines. This is not something a beginner can do well – millions of failures have proved that. Nevertheless, it is of extreme importance to your online success.

Article directories no longer accept short, badly written articles, and good web content writing has never been more important in the history of internet marketing – though may will try to persuade you otherwise. The day of the amateur is rapidly drawing to a close with Google: professional writing is rapidly becoming necessary for those that want to reach the very top; the remainder can fight for Google pages 3 onwards..

Short Keywords are Important

Sure, people still try to write their own content and their own advertising material, but the poorly written examples are no longer to be found ranked in high listing positions on Google. Certainly not for search terms that most prospective clients will use! Long tail keywords are not worth going after – they are historical and unlikely to find crucial use again.

If you want to be successful and an online business, you must be competitive with individual keywords or short phrases of up to four words. Competent and professionally written web content writing can help you achieve such listings, especially if associated with properly executed article marketing.

Description: The success of any site depends upon its content: it must be legible, easily understood and display a deep knowledge of the subject. You must advertise a website: it is not just found by accident; article marketing is one of the most successful web page advertising techniques available to you.